VaRM helps you for your projects ORSA, ORM, Solvency II, Basle 3 and support to audit



The offer of VaRM is addressed to all the actors of the financial sector anxious to manage their risk effectively and to optimize their processes.

Among the recurring topics we list below some typical projects:

  • Risk management and organization
  • ORSA and Pilar 2
  • Support project Solvency 2 and Basle 3
  • Control risks and safety of the systems
  • Governance and procedures of risk management
  • Support controlling authority
  • ORM - operational risk management
  • Optimization of the functions and Outsourcing
  • Project support
  • Formation
  • Tariffing and commercial optimization
  • Review of the models and organization
  • Conformity
  • Risk management of computing projects
  • Support to internal audit

VaRM helps you to define your strategy of risks with an organization adapted to make safe your decisions and to set up effective actions plans

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