VaRM risk management for ORSA, Basle 3, UCITS IV, Solvency 2, the Actuary profession and risks of projects
About us

Stress Tests, ORSA and Solvency 2, ST, Basle 3 are priority topics, whose deadlines require a change in business thinking according to the organization.
Risk management and it’s multiple approaches require true expertise that VaRM offers your projects.

VaRM Partners have strong competences to cover the various aspects of risk management including:

    • Insurance companies
    • Reinsurance companies
    • Mutual insurance companies
    • Brokerage firms
    • Financial companies
    • Banks
    • Investment funds

With VaRM Jean-Francois DECROOCQ has built up a team of experts in Risk Management. The VaRM consultants are engineers or actuaries with a strong background in companies. The team is supplemented by multi-field profiles and auditors.
The partnerships make it possible to supplement competencies and to mobilize the best profiles for each project. VaRM lays out important technical and data-processing resources to ensure all services are optimised.
To complement these consulting project activities, VarM offers technical and regulatory monitoring, and other services adapted to your needs.

The evolving regulatory environment has issues which finance companies must manage at the heart of their activities. Impacts are multiple and can be serious, as well technical as organizational or regulatory,
VaRM and it’s partners propose to you true solutions built on experience gained in companies and a broad range of competencies.

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